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What is Negomoot?

Negomoot is a unique simulation competition developed by EU diplomats whereby you gain those necessary skills that really matter during your career but the traditional educational system can never provide. Our goal is to enable you with a deeper understanding through experience and giving you that competitive advantage, which will make you successful in your professional life. Instead of listening to tiresome and endless lectures, it is time to enjoy the studying! During the simulation you become a delegate of an EU member state or a Member of the European Parliament, who have to conduct several formal and informal negotiations in order to find a compromise on a significant European issue. Let's apply for the Negomoot to play the role of a diplomat and learn to negotiate as a pro!

Why should I apply?

When negotiating the latest hot potatoes of the EU agenda and experiencing the decision-making process of the European institutions, you acquire essential soft-skills like strategic thinking, teamwork, communication and presentation techniques, conflict-resolution and interest representation. During the role play game, you get into quite heated arguments defending your position, which makes the atmosphere even more vibrant and more enjoyable. The simulation is also an excellent opportunity to network and to stand out from the crowd - all employers love candidates, who participated in our programs.

What can I win?

However, if you are only interested in the immediate awards, it is your place as well. The major prices for the best players vary from high value airline vouchers to valuable internship positions at the European Commission, European Parliament, Robert Schuman Institute and various Hungarian ministries, such as the State Secretariat of EU Affairs. Negomoot gives an incredible boost to your carrier as our previous participants can prove: many of them now hold prestigious positions as diplomats, managers in the private sector and senior officials in the public sector.

How does a Negomoot look like?

All Negomoot role play games have two main parts: the interactive preparation period and the usually several days long simulation.

The preparation starts with two interactive workshops, where you meet your teammates and gain deeper understanding of the inner workings of various EU institutions and decision-making processes through fun mini simulations, short presentations and online games. These programs also help you to learn how to form excellent arguments and teaches you how to stand up and present your opinion in front of a bigger crowd, as effective communication development is an essential part of the game. In addition, an online preparation period ensures that you are fully prepared to lead an authentic negotiation, therefore no special background knowledge is needed to apply and enjoy the game.

The structure of the simulation naturally depends on the topic as well, but mostly you play the role of European leaders and diplomates during Council meetings. In this case the delegations of EU member states negotiate and hopefully agree on a compromise on the debated issues, such us how much funds should a country get, should the EU ban cigarettes or how should the United Kingdom leave the European Union. The several days long game gives you the opportunity enable to the experience not only the atmosphere of the official formal EU meetings, but the unforgettable taste of late night informal negotiations as well. In a later stage of the simulation you become the members of the European Parliament, where you have to act as a real politician and focus simultaneously on policy making and securing the trust of your voters.

Who wins?

The jury composed of EU officials, diplomats, communication experts and university professors make the decision on the best players based on a carefully developed criteria system, which evaluates your performance and that how much you reached of your priorities and negotiation goals. It guarantees a fully objective final result that makes Negomoot an outstanding simulation compared to other role play games modelling international organizations.

Where can I apply?

Right here!  

Thanks! Message sent.

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