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Brussels EU visit

Have you ever wondered about visiting the capitol of the European Union? Taking tours in the EU institutions? Sitting in the same seats, where usually Angela Merkel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Viktor Orbán, Antonio Tajani and the other leaders sit? Going into the press conference rooms, where Theresa May announced the significant progress of the Brexit negotiations? Your dreams easily can become true by winning our simulation competition!

Internship at the European Parliament

Several MEPs have offered Brussels-based trainreeships for the very best Negomoot players. It is a unique and life-changing experience to work at the European Parliament; therefore, you should definitely fight for it and earn this special award on our simulation. Quite a motivation, right?! 

Internship at the Robert Schuman Institute

Since 1991 the RSI has been promoting the idea of a united Europe and supporting the process of democratic transformation, the development of civil societies through education and training. By winning our simulation, you can take part in this significant process via a 1-3 month-long traineeship.

Internship at the Danube Institute

The Budapest-based think tank, which is an independent center of intellectual debate for conservatives and classical liberals and their democratic opponents in Central Europe, welcomes the most talented participants with a 1-3 month-long traineeship.

Internship at the Prime Minister’s Office

The winners have the chance to get a glimpse how the EU policy of the Hungarian Government is formulated at the EU State Secretariat during a 1-3 month-long traineeship.

Internship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Completing a traineeship at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade might be the best first step if you want to become a diplomat later. Let us help your carrier!

Travel vouchers

Discover Europe with the support of Negomoot – the best players can reach all popular destinations easily with our special awards.

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